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Our conference event planning & conferencing services provide a one-stop solution to your events agenda!


Our corporate event planning service helps you to put a focussed & result-orientated strategy together for your biggest asset, your human resource. Our conference planning and corporate event planning services provide a one-stop solution to your conferencing events.

Your One Stop Shop corporate event planning & management service!

As a COMPLIMENTARY SERVICE to our clients we strive to provide a one-stop solution to your corporate event planning and conference planning for your conferencing events.

Even before we get to all the nitty-gritty of treating your corporate team to a fantastic getaway or retreat, most often the place to start is with the conferencing events agenda.

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Once you have decided what events & activities you require, we will assist you in putting together an agenda that is practical and dynamic. Our experienced conference planning specialists can show you how to prevent your conference delegates from falling into a coma from unnecessarily long Sales Presentations with far too many illegible spreadsheets.

Our experienced conference event planning and conference planning specialists can assist you in putting your conferencing events together to avoid the common mistake of making the first day really tiresome conferencing and the second very exciting and fun teambuilding.

It is possible in planning to intersperse these diverse aspects into an agenda that is stimulating and exciting. Many times our delegates are kept on their toes because they don’t know what is going to happen next. Then, when it comes to planning the logistics of the event, we can then recommend various venues that will best suit your agenda and budget.

Our conference planning specialists can assist in arranging transport and securing your preferential dates with all service providers, according to your event calendar. We believe there are a number of reasons why sourcing a single conference planning company benefits your organisation.

We are often able to negotiate better rates when a number of aspects of your main event are all included under one umbrella. Companies find it easier to consolidate many aspects of events into one invoice from the event planner.

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A single conference planning company means less processing and authorizations of payments, loading of suppliers, fewer cheques or EFT’s to be paid for the event. Most importantly all the elements of your conferencing events and adventures have ONE SOURCE OF RESPONSIBILITY.

Many times certain aspects of a event are influenced by other elements and when your special events are organised separately they can at times work against each other. For example: A DJ supplying music may require 3 phase power in order to run his lights and if the small print was not read carefully you could end up at the last minute having to run around to fix up certain essential requirements. A single corporate event planning company is also able to save you costs by advising the most cost effect way to run conferencing events.

We have accumulated many years of experience in corporate event planning and conference planning which can assist you in keeping your company event within a budget. For example: We can advise how to most effectively restrict your bar bill without it being detrimental to the overall success of the event organization.

Our goal is that as an event organiser, we should take the entire burden off your shoulders and allow you to enjoy the whole experience with the rest of your team. With one of our experienced coordinators on site at all times you can relax in the knowledge that your team are in good hands. Should anything not go according to plan, your fist call is to our on-site events coordinators who will get things back on track in no time.

adventure activities, team challenges

Well in advance of your event we will send you our specially designed EVENT PLANNING CHECKLIST to assist with all aspects of your event management, even those aspects you had not thought of. Our corporate event planning and conference planning services are a complimentary service to our teambuilding clients we will even send you the checklist to assist you if we have not assisted you in booking venues.

We will assist you to make certain that the venues and other suppliers are fully aware of your requests, bar allowances are adhered to, that transportation arrives at the correct addresses, and even that your event catering takes into account all the dietary requirements of your team.

Event marketing to the team can often be a challenge in itself as sometimes there is reluctance for team members to attend outdoor events. This is common and normal when you understand that many people construe these events as “change” which requires them to move out of their comfort zone. It is generally accepted that people are averse to change and we have found that human nature is such that many people try to justify not having to step out of their comfort zone.

Many excuses like:
“I’m far too busy to be away from the office”;
“My kids/ husband/ security company/ goldfish can’t survive without me for a night”;
“What’s the company trying to suck out of me now, I don’t need that Rah Rah!”;
“I’m not fit/ slim/ popular/ fashionable enough to go running around on a Teambuild”.

adventure activities, team challenges

All of these objections can be overcome and we are one of the companies to give you strategies and tools to help get your team motivated for the important event of “Building your Team”.

The event marketing is a fine balance between reducing your team’s doubt and confusion, and stimulating their interest through the curiosity component.

We can provide your team with “delegate agendas”, packing lists and teasers for aspects of the event program. Our amaZinga- Zinga race always gets an event off with a BANG! And by the time delegates reach their mystery destination they have built up so much camaraderie and excitement that the team seems almost instantly transformed.

Our corporate event planning and conference planning services have assisted numerous company event planners to be able to rest at ease, enjoy the event with their team, get the praises and gratitude of their bosses and feel relieved that another successful event has been achieved.

That is what makes us one of the preferred conference planning specialists in Gauteng, KZN and countrywide.


conference planning design

We will take time to understand your issues, environment, team and situation prior to the conference.

We assist in the design of a conference program and create an agenda made up of facilitated strategy sessions, interspersed with relevant discussion times and brainstorming.

Facilitation integrates with your team by encouraging high levels of communication, problem solving, mutual understanding, trust, respect, partnerships, responsibility and accountability...

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Visual Production services

We are able to offer a comprehensive, professional range of visual productions services for any creative production.

Keep lasting memories of your experience and corporate times together.

Our visual productions specialists take ownership of the media output of your event and become accountable to our commitment to make your event memorable and communicable to others...

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Technical Production services

From a simple microphone for a small group to High Tech Lighting shows and sound for gala dinners.

Our technical production teams' commitment is to provide outstanding service at an affordable price. Whether it be a Gala Dinner, Product Launch or Conference, Movers & Shakers are able to assist with sound and lighting, audio visual equipment, technical equipment and support from 50 to 10000 people.

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Netcare 911

"Many thanks for the great team build. It was truly enjoyed by all. Please let me have your company profile with all the events that you cater for."

Dr Ryan Noach - Netcare 911

Ster Kinekor

"The Firewalking was the most amazing thing in the whole world. It has really made me look at things differently and realise that I can do ANYTHING that I set my mind to. So a very big THANK YOU."

Leanne - Ster Kinekor


"Once again thanking YOU and the TEAM for the wonderful support and never to be forgotten experience afforded to us over the weekend."

Faye - ABSA Private Bank

Standard bank

"Thanks again for sharing your inspiration and energy. I found the style of your presentation i.e. active participation and discussion very beneficial. It is definitely bringing out the unknown talent out of people."

Willem - Standard Bank

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