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Popular teambuilding adventures & corporate adventures beyond team building!


Let your team adventure out of their comfort zone into another world!

Special corporate adventures to make teambuilding all the more memorable.

Teambuilding adventures designed to put your corporate adventures onto a higher level beyond team building.

Some corporate adventures focus on teamwork and some corporate adventures are more challenging for individuals, increasing each delegates’ sense of achievement and victory to the point that they feel ready to take on the bigger challenges.

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Helicopter adventures, Adventure Teambuilding Events

These really are adventure activities for the team that's done it all!

Could you ever imagine being handed the controls of a helicopter in full flight!

The Chopper Adventure, is one of our corporate adventure events which utilises the experiential environment of helicopter for transport of delegates to various locations in order to solve a crisis situation.

The participant’s comfort zones are exposed when they are taken outside and the real helicopters fly in and land at the conference venue. For some people this is the first time they realise that they are going to actually be flying themselves...

Helicopter adventures


High Rope corporate teambuilding adventures

Let your team adventure out of their comfort zone and into another world with our high rope adventures.

The ropes courses are challenging teambuilding adventures designed specifically for personal development and team building. These high rope corporate adventures can also become significant reference points for delegates to change their attitude on approaching a daunting task because they have learned that they are able to overcome.

Our High rope adventure challenge course is built on and amongst the islands of the Pienaars River and provides a corporate adventure challenge for the team as a whole, as well as the individual...

High Rope Adventures


Airsoft adventures

War games have involved to the closest we can get to the real thing!

Realistic military operations for teambuilding adventures and corporate adventures beyond team building! These military activities are exciting and fun as interactive teambuilding adventures and will definitely refresh and inspire your delegates.

Our Airsoft activities and corporate adventures are designed with regard to drills and systems. Airsoft is the ultimate in realism. Accurately reproduced weapons, more strategy and tactics, teamwork and creativity. It is an honour based sport where almost anything goes - just as in real war. All Airsoft equipment and weapons are designed to closely emulate real guns and make for a much more realistic simulation.

Airsoft combat team building Combat Adventures


Paintball and Pulse Ranger

‘Art of War’ Paintball

The adrenalin will rush with adventure, imagination, strategy and leadership with a lot of “skop skiet and donder”.

Pulse Ranger

No loud shots - No sore bodies.

These teambuilding adventures are played in the same fashion as the paintball games.


Raft building

Raftbuilding 6

These corporate adventure events require either full size or toy vessels to be designed, built, tried and tested.

Choose whether you expose your team to the thrill of the splash or test their creative skills and commitment in a race to find the champions. Teams must plan, have a strategy, have the foresight and imagination and will galvanise a team through achievement.

Our Full size adventure events are always a winner as they border effectively on top adventure activities. Each team is provided with plenty of barrels, ropes and planks construct a sturdy raft. Members are chosen from each team to sail on the rafts. As always in all of our teambuilding adventures and corporate adventure events, our professional teambuilding facilitators put safety first.



"It has indeed a privilege for me to part of your family in team building.
I really enjoyed the session and its importance in a corporate environment and in life in general."

Philson Ndlovu - Nedbank


"Many thanks for the great team build.
It was truly enjoyed by all.
Please let me have your company profile with all the events that you cater for."

Dr Ryan Noach - Netcare 911

The World Bank Group

"Everyone just could not stop talking about this retreat, and some even branded it as the best that we have ever had

Frank Ferreira - World Bank

Pick n Pay

"The biggest highlight of the whole conference – lifetime experience with much more challenges to crab and achieve more success."

Antonet Steyn – Pick & Pay

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team adventures, corporate adventures

We provide your organisation with such unbelievable activities that you are forced to come back next year!


game team events

These specially designed, teambuilding activities should be shown somewhat more respect than a mere game...


team adventures, corporate adventures

Business events designed to provide a structured and organised approach to having some fun & playing hard!


corporate entertainment events, company entertainment activities

Entertaining events to cater for all tastes and interests while covering all aspects of teambuilding & corporate motivation...

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This is a complimentary service as the success of your company events is as important to us as it is to you!


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