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Business team building and company entertainment beyond teambuilding!


Our business teambuilding events are designed to provide a structured and organised approach to having some fun & playing hard.

All of the agendas of our business teambuilding events and business entertainment events are results-orientated to take your team to the next level in your corporate environment!

Movers & Shakers are inspired by people who have an impact & influence on others.

Our business teambuilding events and business entertainment events have been designed by looking at go-getters in a range of arenas, from military operations to business thinking entrepreneurs & even the machine-like efficacy of the chefs in a top restaurant.


poker face

Poker Face

Playing your hand in business!

These business teambuilding events and business entertainment events are world class strategic thinking programs utilising poker as the vehicle.

These business entertainment events teach you the economic and financial principles of Business Environment Awareness - and how to apply these concepts in business - through TEXAS HOLDEM POKER...

Poker Face


team building programs

What if it was your company?
Ownership Mentality vs Employee Mentality

The objective of these executive team leadership events is for each team to strive to make as much profit as possible in order to appease the shareholders. They need to choose which activities they would like to take on in their race for profits.

These business teambuilding events allow teams to work with their strengths in order to achieve the best results and is about productivity, initiative and ingenuity as there are many management decisions that need to be made which have a impact on company results...

Corporate Chaos


corporate upliftment strategy

Corporate Upliftment

We are able to assist you with the technical aspects of your conference or meeting from working on the company's vision and mission statement to carefully planning your corporate upliftment strategy for the next year.

The upliftment of the team needs to have a corporate upliftment strategy. Our business entertainment events are excitingly diverse which allows you to include many aspects into your company conference program...

Corporate upliftment strategy


Soft Skills Workshop

Soft Skills Workshop

Soft skills are increasingly sought out by employers in addition to standard qualifications!

We come alongside your team and bring these Soft Skills to light in such a way as to give people a new and fresh look at the real issues that impact performance, relationships and teamwork to work smart and achieve more.

These self management skills are not restricted to the office or the workgroup, they benefit people in their everyday lives at home, in sports clubs and even in hobby groups...

Soft Skills Workshop


Leadership Coaching

Leadership Coaching

Executive Team Leadership. Everything rises and falls on leadership!

Movers & Shakers is focussed in working with the corporate sector, building businesses, departments & teams within organisations in all of our executive team leadership events.

If the principles of Leadership are not followed within a company, government, club or other organization - it will fall!

Leadership Coaching


Sales Training

Sales Training

Improve bottom line results by building up successful sales teams that form the core of the organisation's practical selling skills.

Movers & Shakers' sales training solutions have a formula of steps that need to be followed in order to conclude successful sales consistently. It is obvious that the mindsets and attitudes of successful sales teams cannot be changed overnight. Regular practical selling skills sessions assist successful sales teams to come to grips with dynamics of relationship building skills of super sales professionals...

Sales Training



After conference my wife and I went through our goals and shared it with each other. She too has hers staring her in the face as from this morning. Thanx for planting the seed.

Richard - Waltons


"Thank you for the wonderful time you spent with us on Saturday. I have a new attitude towards my future thanks for opening my doors. Thanks"

Kim - Kolok


"Thank you for all your efforts to try and make this world a better place, by helping other to prosper and excel. Keep an eye on this group - we just caught momentum!"

Nell-Marie - Specsavers

Standard bank

"Thanks again for sharing your inspiration and energy. I found the style of your presentation i.e. active participation and discussion very beneficial. It is definitely bringing out the unknown talent out of people."

Willem - Standard Bank

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