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Tactical Combat Military Simulations

Airsoft military simulations can be almost identical to the real thing!

This is a combat teambuilding activity which is exciting and fun as an Interactive teambuilding intervention and will prove so popular with the team that they will want to do it again.

All Airsoft equipment and weapons used in these military simulations are designed to closely emulate real guns and make for a much more realistic simulation.

Many of the Airsoft rifles are absolute replicas of real-life army weapons accept for the fact they can only fire plastic BB pellets.

combat activity

Many different options of weapons and equipment are available for this activity ranging from fully automatic rifles, pistols and handguns, shotguns, sniper rifles, grenade launchers and even mounted machine guns.

In fact almost any accessory that is available for military weapons can be attached to Airsoft weapons as they are almost exact replicas. Laser Sights, zoom lenses, holographic sights are all available for combat activities.

Due to the large variety of weapons and the variety of functions within a military unit, this enables MOVERS & SHAKERS to create military simulations and combat adventures with a large diversity of functions. There is a place where every member of a team will fit into a suitable role.

Airsoft combat adventures need to be clearly differentiated from Paintball.

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    The Advantages of Airsoft MilSim over Paintball:

  • BB pellets are much smaller and somewhat less painful than paintball pellets.
    This encourages the ladies to participate.
  • BB pellets can travel much faster and over longer distances which makes them somewhat more accurate.
  • There is no paint within the pellets to splash onto clothing and mess the environment.
    This does force an "honour based" gaming environment.
  • Less facial protection is required with as little as industrial safety glasses being sufficient. This means players do not have to be burdened with hot, bulky and misty face masks. This allows for more comfort in playing situations.
  • Airsoft MilSim military simulations are structured around missions which require much more teamwork than in paintball. This tactical training activity is not just a dash and shoot type game - there are specific objectives to achieve.

Airsoft combat teambuilding

Topics, Tasks & Mission Briefs


Paintball and Pulse Ranger

‘Art of War’ Paintball

The adrenalin will rush with adventure, imagination, strategy and leadership with a lot of “skop skiet and donder”.

Pulse Ranger

No loud shots - No sore bodies.

These adventures are played in the same fashion as the paintball games.


adventure activities

Airsoft Combat Teambuilding

The Airsoft combat teambuilding activity is an excellent platform for team building and leadership but is also a fun game with a lot of team player interaction, with the adrenaline of a fast paced game...

Airsoft Combat Teambuilding

Airsoft Mission Briefs


Helicopter adventures, Adventure Teambuilding Events

Beyond teambuilding! This really is an event for the team that's done it all!

Could you ever imagine being handed the controls of a helicopter in full flight!

The Chopper Adventure, is one of our activities which utilises the experiential environment of helicopter for transport of delegates to various locations in order to solve a crisis situation.

The participant’s comfort zones are exposed when they are taken outside and the real helicopters fly in and land at the conference venue. For some people this is the first time they realise that they are going to actually be flying themselves...

Helicopter adventures


High Rope corporate teambuilding adventures

Let your team adventure out of their comfort zone and into another world beyond team building with our high rope adventures.

A ropes course is a challenging high ropes activity designed specifically for personal development. These high ropes adventure teambuilding events can also become significant reference points for delegates to change their attitude on approaching a daunting task because they have learned that they are able to overcome.

Our High rope Adventure Challenge Course is built on and amongst the islands of the Pienaars River and provides a challenge for the team as a whole, as well as the individual...

High Rope Adventure Challenge



"It has indeed a privilege for me to part of your family.
I really enjoyed the session and its importance in a corporate environment and in life in general."

Philson Ndlovu - Nedbank


"Many thanks for the great team build.
It was truly enjoyed by all.
Please let me have your company profile with all the events that you cater for."

Dr Ryan Noach - Netcare 911

The World Bank Group

"Everyone just could not stop talking about this retreat, and some even branded it as the best that we have ever had

Frank Ferreira - World Bank

Pick n Pay

"The biggest highlight of the whole conference – lifetime experience with much more challenges to crab and achieve more success."

Antonet Steyn – Pick & Pay

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