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Experiential Training

To experience growth & not just change, our wildlife presentations must be fun, be experiential & have legs.

The area of Life skills is an elusive one.

Sometimes its only when we click and finally understand a concept that we realize that people have been trying to tell us that our whole lives.

At MOVERS & SHAKERS we aim to bring essential life skills concepts to life by presenting them from a different angle.

We try to bring a perspective that you had never thought of before, or an experience that becomes memorable because of the visual element that occurred.

We call this experiential training.

Corporate WildLife Presentations


"Once again many thanks for a very informative and upbuilding presentation at our congress recently.
May your "H.O.P.E." live for ever."

Ben & Amanda Kruger - Specsavers


"After conference my wife and I went through our goals and shared it with each other. This was actually the first time after 5 years of marriage of sharing and agreeing on common purposes.
Thanx for planting the seed."

Richard - Waltons


"I want to thank you for the experience gained, both during the seminar, and afterwards as a result of the thought process that you have initiated.
Since attending the course I have discovered my purpose in life."

Joe - ABSA Private Bank


"Those around me actually have noticed a difference in me. My other goals I am working on and yes, I admit it isn't always easy but I am persevering and I KNOW I WILL achieve them too."

Annamarie Ekron - Waltons

We can more easily learn elusive concepts through powerful visual entertaining animal presentations and wildlife experiences.

Our passionate “MOVERS & SHAKERS” educational wildlife presentations and entertaining animal presentations involving wild animals are a feast for the senses.

These close encounters with some of the most efficient and lethal winners in the world have hugely relevant messages for today’s business jungle.

It is rare that we are able to get a detailed glimpse into the world of wildlife without disturbing what would be instinctive for the animals to do.

These Movers and Shakers at the top of the food chain are brought into close contact with your team so they can share their timeless wisdom.