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Tribal Survivor - Bonding & Creative Adventure Challenge

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Search for the Lost Tribe

In the manner of "Raiders of the Lost Ark", delegates are drawn into the world of adventure in this bonding tribal survivor teambuilding challenge and various survivor adventure challenges...

Equipped with a guide, delegates work as teams of archaeologists in a race to learn the mystical ways of the Wehdehellawi (pronounced weh-de-hell-ar-wi) Tribe.

The task of these challenges is to overcome the various challenges that are part of the mission to find the elusive "Path To Enlightenment".

These survivor adventure challenges are NOT based on the negative aspects of the popular TV show “Survivor” as we would never focus corporate groups on lying, deceit or even voting people off a team.

This challenge is about adventure and imagination.

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"Just a note of thanks for your excellent facilitation skills during our teambuilding.
It definitely added value to my personal and corporate life."

Reamor Moses - Mercedes-Benz

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"I was reminded of a few things I know but need to actively implement, but learnt many new concepts of great value.
I thoroughly enjoyed myself and would like to complement you on the positive effect you've had on so many people."

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"The teambuilding was certainly the highlight of the conference.
My entire team is awe-inspired.
Thanks for the professionalism and more importantly uplifting my team. "

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"I have one word for your.... maybe two - ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT!
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"I became a Coal Walker on Saturday and would like to thank you for an unforgettable experience, something to renew ones outlook on life again."

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The focus of our tribal survivor adventure challenges is on effective teamwork, innovation, creativity, problem solving, trust, communication, freedom of expression and hooligan colourful fun.

Though the nature of the tribal survivor teambuilding challenge suggests dangerous adventure in an exotic jungle, it can work effectively indoors or outdoors.

There are up to nine challenges in total. It's not about taxing the brawn but exercising the brain.

Each challenge is designed to promote specific aspects of effective interaction and teambuilding. Results are achieved through action, delegation voluntary risk taking and participation. These challenges are fun, energetic challenges.

Adventure archaeology, a shared group experience that builds bonds and relationships. Colleagues experience each other in a new light outside of the work structure in the process of developing company memories.

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The history, rituals, culture and beliefs of the Wehdehellawi Tribe are bizarre and exciting. Retracing the steps of the tribe, teams forge their own tribes and identities, a collective expression of each member in the group through a powerful common bond.

Facilitators guide the teams through the challenge, keeping scores and judging progress in these tribal survivor adventure challenges.

Delegates are grouped, team leaders are appointed and each receives a written guide with the clues and information they need to help them on their journey. Before the first challenge is met, each team must define themselves with a name.

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Search for the Lost Tribe

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Challenge One: Easing The Anger Of Baab'alazi

According to the ancient script, the first step to unravelling the mystery behind the Wehdehellawi is to acknowledge the great Baab'alazi - Wehdehellawi god of hangovers. The Wehdehellawi, being partial to Bongo-Bongo juice, would often feel the impact of his wrath the next morning.

They believed that the only way to drive Baab'alazi' rage from their heads was to appease him by building a statue of the god. Teams are provided with a block of clay and a variety of materials from which they must construct their interpretation of Baab'alazi. Delegates get back to basics by rolling up their sleeves to produce a tangible representation of the groups ideas.

The concept behind this challenge is to get teams working together, creatively. The monuments are presented to the entire group by each team. The presentation must include a full explanation and story around the significance of the monument to the tribe by one or more of its members.

Points are awarded for best ideas, initiative, incorporation of other elements into the structure, execution as well as imaginative and lively explanation. These tribal survivor adventure challenges promote openness to creativity, exploring concepts as a team with complete equality of team members.

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Challenge Two: Cracking The Ancient Code

This is a timed challenge - teams score points according to speed with which they crack the code: Cryptic clues, visual puzzle made up of various pieces as well as a word challenge.

All tribes must pass this test before moving on.

These lateral thinking challenges involve group problem solving, understanding the thought processes of others and reliance on team input to find the answers.


Challenge Three: Food Gathering the Wehdehellawi Way

According to the ancient script the Wehdehellawi were a superstitious tribe and believed that to touch food with any part of the body except the head, mouth or neck would evoke tragedy.

In order to survive, teams must gather supplies in the manner of the Wehdehellawi. Time is always of the essence in the race against the other tribes. Nominated members from each team are tasked to attempt the food gathering ritual. Success in these challenges depends on team communication, strategy, working as one to achieve best results and the relaxing of personal barriers.

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Challenge Four: Wehdehellawi Warriors

"The brighter and bolder the attire, the better the warrior".

One member is chosen to represent the spirit of the team by becoming the tribal warrior. Equipped with supplied resources (miscellaneous materials, items and war paint) and using initiative to find extras to add, teams create a warrior to be presented to the group by the whole team in the most imaginative, creative and effective way possible.

War cries, tribal dance, ritual and storytelling are some of the suggested ways to make a tribal statement. Complete, creative freedom of expression is what this tribal survivor teambuilding challenge is about. Opening up of individuals and team bonding are among the benefits.

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