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Movers & Shakers custom design world class indoor team building games & outdoor game events for your team. Invariably, the group would be split into groups relevant to the scenario they are about to be plunged into.

The facilitator will play out the scenario or brief, introduce the teams to any equipment involved and then allow the team to have some fun getting involved.

All of our facilitators have been through extensive hands-on training and they are well aware that the goal is not to lecture the delegates with seminars of what they should have done, but rather to lead them to their own learning curves by asking, listening and fuelling any conversation which may arise.

At the end of the day when it comes to games, it's not about who wins or loses, but what you learn along the way.

What are Team building Games? Game Events & Game Activities


Electric Spiders Web

To avoid the pursuing Martian forces the teams find themselves escaping in a tunnel where they come across the remains of some strange arachnids. In these games, interesting obstacles need to be conquered in an efficient manner.

Anyone who does not work as part of the team could jeopardize the collective's survival. These games emphasizes the importance of partnerships and team interdependence when tackling mission critical objectives. Too often people tend to rush their planning and end up too far into their projects before they realize that they did not get a full grasp on the parameters involved.

Electric Spiders Web

Objectives of these games:
• Emphasise the importance of partnerships, strategy and not rushing your planning,
• dependence on the team,
• identifying the groups strengths and weaknesses and how to use them,
• avoiding chaos when caught up in the moment,
• asking the right questions; and
• not quitting.


Blind Faith

This is one of the most effective games to highlight coordination and teamwork!

Injured and infected team-mates are being rescued but some difficult obstacles require lots of communication and trust in order to get everybody through these game events. These specific games are venue specific and yet could be designed at the venue of your choice. These games highlight trust and adventure whilst taking some delegates out of their comfort zones.

Let your team have a blast whilst learning and internalising life-lessons and basic principles of the corporate battlefield. You aren't home and dry yet! These fun games are venue specific.


Blind Navigation

Say what you mean or pay the penalty!

Laughter and hilarity pepper this classic demonstration where communication and trust take on a whole new level of importance. When we need to get the team through this obstacle course with only verbal instructions it is uncanny how much frustration can kick in.

This highly fun intervention will have the team in stitches just watching how people interpret others' instructions. Communication is one of the key skills that we can never stop improving and it can never be ignored as a weakness.


Toxic Swamp

Get the team through the poisonous terrain using only limited resources but lots of team spirit.

Obstacles need to be navigated but no-one is allowed to touch the ground at any time. These games address a team's ingenuity, creative thinking, problem solving, teamwork, prioritization, planning and leadership. Debriefing these team interventions can highlight many aspects that can be addressed in delegates' daily working environments.

These games are venue specific

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team adventures

These corporate adventures will not easily be forgotten & will stay in the minds of your team for a long time to come...


corporate adventures

We provide your organisation with such unbelievable activities that you are forced to come back next year!



Business events designed to provide a structured and organised approach to having some fun & playing hard!


corporate entertainment events, company entertainment activities

Entertaining events to cater for all tastes and interests while covering all aspects of corporate motivation...

MOVERS and SHAKERS offer a complimentary service of a full venue selection, booking and liaison function for your fun indoor team building games, outdoor game events & game activities anywhere in South Africa. Whether you prefer, Johannesburg, Pretoria, Cape Town, Bloemfontein or Nelspruit major centers or more remote areas like the Drakensburg, Wild Coast, Bela Bela, South Coast or midlands areas, we have the right options for you.

This is a complimentary service as the success of your game events is as important to us as it is to you!


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