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Movers & Shakers lead the delegates to their own learning curves by asking, listening and fuelling any conversation which may arise. We are always eager to point out what the teams may have done right, as well as what the delegates believed they did well.

At completion of what seems like just a game, the delegates are then steered through a number of thought provoking aspects of the game they have just experienced and are fully debriefed in order to anchor the lessons learned.

Movers & Shakers custom design world class games to suit your organisation's specific needs.

What are Teambuilding Games? Simple Team Building Game Events


Nail The problem

These company games focus on the need for lateral thinking and the importance of teamwork. Creativity and persistence will be required when faced with repeated failures. Will the team keep on doing the same things over and over when they should have already learned that they do not work? How comfortable are we in passing the leadership in order to give a better qualified person chance to reach the team's objective?

A seemingly impossible challenge can fail or succeed depending on our attitude when we approach it.

The underlying principle of these company games is that we are really using our heads when we work as a team. These fun company games are executed in teams with a facilitated discussion time.


Memory Minefield

Getting through the minefield can take longer than expected if we don't learn from our mistakes.

These effective and extremely fun and Intelligent outcome-based games will have your team in stitches with laughter. How do we get through the minefield of our work environment if we do not have an high level of awareness of what are colleagues' needs and objectives are?

We cannot be an effective part of the corporate chain if we do not know how to pass the ball. How can I make the process easier for those around me. Don't get distracted or detached or the system may implode.

These corporate teambuilding games addresses a teams, level of awareness, respect for leadership, interdependence on other team mates, teamwork and discipline.


The Drop Zone.

The objective of this classic game is to emphasize the need for total trust and integrity in teams!

See how organization, leadership, and full information can usually bring a far higher level of confidence into a mission critical project with this intervention. This helps people to take on challenges that initially they don't feel capable of. How does a leader create confidence in his team when faced with an indomitable task.

Taking people out of their comfort zones can often highlight the concept of "IT'S NOT CAN OR CAN'T; BUT RATHER WILL OR WON'T (BUT SOMETIMES WE DON'T KNOW HOW)".

Delegates can gain insight into what they are really capable of from these simple but effective company games. It concludes with a facilitated discussion time on principles learned.


Search and destroy

These simple team building game events address a team's dedication and focus to achieving the objective.

Four S.W.A.T. teams are tasked locating bombs within a city grid. We designed these company games to highlight the concept of respect. In particular we wanted to highlight the concept of respect for objectives. At times it may feel like other departments are working against us within our own organisation, but we have to remember that we are all on the same team.

There are times when we feel that others are in our way and we need to examine how we react to that. When faced with confusion how likely is a team just likely to quit? Is the correct importance being placed on researching the situation and understanding the parameters adequately. Brain space commitment and collaboration are required to guide the team to the bomb using only the terrorist's Booby trapped code. The team will be required to think outside of the box literally.

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MOVERS and SHAKERS offer a complimentary service of a full venue selection, booking and liaison function for your corporate teambuilding games & company games anywhere in South Africa. Whether you prefer, Johannesburg, Pretoria, Cape Town, Bloemfontein or Nelspruit major centers or more remote areas like the Drakensburg, Wild Coast, Bela Bela, South Coast or midlands areas, we have the right options for you.

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