Pilot Vision

This book takes the wonder and excitement of aviation and applies it to our rapidly changing world.
It forces you to ask some questions as to how you are "piloting" your life and your career.
Pre-planning, Communication, Trust and Awareness are concepts that come across strongly.
As an effective analogy for our goals and lives, Pilot Vision discusses a pilots secrets to succeed in the world of business.


The Prayer of Jabez

World renowned pastor, Dr. Bruce Wilkinson shares his findings of a little known passage in the bible that demonstrates God's desire to pour blessings on us all.

This book has become an institution, leading to a myriad of follow up publications, training courses, tapes and videos. this reading promises to bring hope and comfort to even the most down-of-heart.


Who Moved my Cheese

This is the classic modern day novel on managing change.

Although the story of the little people is told in an extremely simple narrative way, the important lessons are clear and irrefutable.

This book can be easy reading in one evening session.

It is an unexplained phenomenon why so many people fear change and fight it.
This child-like parable helps us to see why change should be celebrated.


Read & Grow Rich

How the hidden power of reading can make you richer in all areas of your life.
This easy reading book is full of useful and relevant quotes that will serve to make anybody passionate about reading a good again.
The right book at the right time can change your life.