Highway to Health

Here is a book by a Doctor who tells it like it is.
Unlike most medical practitioners, Dr. Ross Walker is primarily concerned with disease prevention as opposed to disease cure once it has been contracted.
The best way to address this problem is to be more aware of what it is we are eating.
This book helps us to understand : what we are reading on ingredient lists printed on food packaging; what are trans-fatty acids; what are we putting into our bodies.
One frightening fact is that there is a commonly eaten product which contains no natural ingredients at all.

These kind of products leave our body at a loss as to how to process them


South Africa: Reasons to believe

This is a journal of South African achievements.
Documenting a very realistic albeit brief history of our unique and rich country.
It certainly gives many reasons to be proud of where we come from.


Winning without intimidation

Bob Burg has a real gift for condensing timeless principles of communication and personal influence.
This is a wonderful insight into the methods of influencing people in a positive way.
These ideas are an excellent foundation parents, spouses, leaders and anyone desiring more fulfilling relationships.
The section on how to talk your way out of a traffic ticket is probably worth the price alone!


The One Minute Millionaire

This is two books in one.
A parable about a struggling widowed mother who is on the brink of ruin coupled with the authors' practical advise for achieving financial success.
This is an insprirational lesson of how to become wealthy the right way - with ethics and integrity.