Remember Every Name Every Time

This book takes you step by step through a time-tested, executive approved memory program. The focus is on remembering names and faces, even the most difficult names and the most non-descript faces - for the long term.
This book is full of realistic business scenarios, bite-size summaries, and dozens of photographs to help you hone your skills. In case you ever do forget a name, it even offers savvy tips on how to handle the situation with grace & dignity. Why don't we learn this sort of stuff at school?


Who Moved my Cheese

This is the classic modern day novel on managing change.

Although the story of the little people is told in an extremely simple narrative way, the important lessons are clear and irrefutable.

This book can be easy reading in one evening session.

It is an unexplained phenomenon why so many people fear change and fight it.
This child-like parable helps us to see why change should be celebrated.


The Greatest Miracle in the World

Best selling inspirational author Og Mandino tells a spellbinding story that will lift the heart and mind of every reader.
Containing the amazing Memorandum from God, it reveals exciting new secrets for your personal happiness and success.