The 17 Indispensible Laws of Teamwork

Once again, John Maxwell puts a perspective on Teamwork that makes one feel that the concept has alluded us until now.
If you are looking to put or keep a team together, this information will be priceless to you.


Personality Plus

At Movers & Shakers we believe that in order to build and sustain successful relationaships, it is essential that first one understands themselves and then learns how to understand others.
This book helps to make the different personalities more accessible.

Why do people react the way they do? and how do we deal with it?


Why You Act The Way You Do

Tim la Haye explains his unique theory of temperament blends and shares how one can improve themselves by identifying your own personality strengths and weaknesses. With a christian background, this book often utilises biblical characters as examples and references of the different personality types.
The book also includes a Temperament test as well as a scoring system to assist with any self analysis.


Seize the Day

An exciting look into the life of a Jet fighter test pilot and what life lessons can be learned from these concepts.
Although this book is a little heavy going initially, it opens up into some amazing analogies for life including our favourite "Butt-snapper" invention.