The Five Love Languages

This is a real eye-opener for anyone in a relationship.
It forces us to ask the question of whether we are loving people in the ways that make them feel loved, or in ours.
Essentially, we need to be able to identify whether someones trigger to feel loved is one of 5 options: Acts of Service; Gifts; Physical Touch; Words of Affirmation; or Quality Time.
This book can transform your marriage and relationships.


How to win friends and influence people

Read by 15 million people and printed in 36 different languages - says it all.
It is said that this is the second biggest selling book ever after the bible!
It is an absolute must have for those wanting to understand and improve their relationships.
Although it was written in 1936 it has been moderately revised to make certain analogies and examples more relevant, but all the original wisdom is still fully in tact.


The Magic of Thinking Big

This is the book that should be read once every year.
Open up your mind and dream big. The sky is the limit!
Set your goals high...then exceed them.
It touches on all of the key principles of life: dreaming; belief; fears; Attitude, goals, leadership and many more. This book provides useful methods for getting the most out of your job, your marriage and family life and your community.
You are what you think you are.


The Ultimate Gift

The last will and testament of a late billionaire requires that his son performs certain tasks before the wealth is passed on.
These tasks open up a whole new world to the young heir.
In fact, the wealth of wisdom becomes far more valuable than the currency and also makes him