Based on a true story, this endearing Disney film takes a close look at the U.S. ice hockey team entering the Olympics and overcoming all odds. The story focusses on not quitting, having hope and working together as a team. Having the faith to commit to the dream is often half the battle and this movie leaves you thinking that you can be more than you are if you put your mind to it.


Saving Private Ryan

This film gives one of the most realistic accounts of D-day in the second world war ever filmed.
It is almost overwhelming to see the amount of wasted young lives that were thrown at the German defenses, just to be mown down by their machine guns.
However, after one has recovered from the shock of the opening scenes, the story starts to unfold into a search and rescue mission for a small platoon.
The experiences and coping mechanisms of this band of young soldiers starts to give an inside look into what it must have been like to face those horrors and the decisions that had to be made along the way.
One lesson that came accross strongly is that a leader has to have the courage to make the tough decisions. An all star cast including Tom Hanks, Matt Damon and Vin Diesel are directed by Stephen Spielberg.