Who Moved my Cheese

This is the classic modern day novel on managing change.

Although the story of the little people is told in an extremely simple narrative way, the important lessons are clear and irrefutable.

This book can be easy reading in one evening session.

It is an unexplained phenomenon why so many people fear change and fight it.
This child-like parable helps us to see why change should be celebrated.


Why You Act The Way You Do

Tim la Haye explains his unique theory of temperament blends and shares how one can improve themselves by identifying your own personality strengths and weaknesses. With a christian background, this book often utilises biblical characters as examples and references of the different personality types.
The book also includes a Temperament test as well as a scoring system to assist with any self analysis.


Winning without intimidation

Bob Burg has a real gift for condensing timeless principles of communication and personal influence.
This is a wonderful insight into the methods of influencing people in a positive way.
These ideas are an excellent foundation parents, spouses, leaders and anyone desiring more fulfilling relationships.
The section on how to talk your way out of a traffic ticket is probably worth the price alone!


Band of Brothers

An epic tale of heroism and endurance against all odds during the second world war.
Spread over 6 DVD's this series documents the exploits and trials of a platoon of youngsters of the U.S. Airborne division.
From rigourous training, through to parachuting in behind enemy lines on D-day, and being bombarded by artillery in the forests of the Battle of the Bulge in frighteningly realistic manner.
Directed by Stephen Spielberg & Tom Hanks, this brilliant story is based closely on true events as evidenced by the interviews with surviving war veterans.



This is quientessential commentary on striving for freedom.
Mel Gibson takes on the British and their mercenary hordes to free his Scottish homeland from tyranny.
Although gory in parts and historically not too accurate, this period tale has a compelling storyline with riveting action and drama.
It is a tale of heroism, determination and leadership.