Personality Plus

At Movers & Shakers we believe that in order to build and sustain successful relationaships, it is essential that first one understands themselves and then learns how to understand others.
This book helps to make the different personalities more accessible.

Why do people react the way they do? and how do we deal with it?


Pilot Vision

This book takes the wonder and excitement of aviation and applies it to our rapidly changing world.
It forces you to ask some questions as to how you are "piloting" your life and your career.
Pre-planning, Communication, Trust and Awareness are concepts that come across strongly.
As an effective analogy for our goals and lives, Pilot Vision discusses a pilots secrets to succeed in the world of business.


Read & Grow Rich

How the hidden power of reading can make you richer in all areas of your life.
This easy reading book is full of useful and relevant quotes that will serve to make anybody passionate about reading a good again.
The right book at the right time can change your life.


Remember Every Name Every Time

This book takes you step by step through a time-tested, executive approved memory program. The focus is on remembering names and faces, even the most difficult names and the most non-descript faces - for the long term.
This book is full of realistic business scenarios, bite-size summaries, and dozens of photographs to help you hone your skills. In case you ever do forget a name, it even offers savvy tips on how to handle the situation with grace & dignity. Why don't we learn this sort of stuff at school?


Seize the Day

An exciting look into the life of a Jet fighter test pilot and what life lessons can be learned from these concepts.
Although this book is a little heavy going initially, it opens up into some amazing analogies for life including our favourite "Butt-snapper" invention.