Band of Brothers

An epic tale of heroism and endurance against all odds during the second world war.
Spread over 6 DVD's this series documents the exploits and trials of a platoon of youngsters of the U.S. Airborne division.
From rigourous training, through to parachuting in behind enemy lines on D-day, and being bombarded by artillery in the forests of the Battle of the Bulge in frighteningly realistic manner.
Directed by Stephen Spielberg & Tom Hanks, this brilliant story is based closely on true events as evidenced by the interviews with surviving war veterans.



This is quientessential commentary on striving for freedom.
Mel Gibson takes on the British and their mercenary hordes to free his Scottish homeland from tyranny.
Although gory in parts and historically not too accurate, this period tale has a compelling storyline with riveting action and drama.
It is a tale of heroism, determination and leadership.


The Last Castle

This exciting action movie has some great lessons about what true leadership is. Robert Redford depicts an high ranking officer who has been committed to Military Prison due to some technicalities in battle. He takes exception to how the prison facility is being run and rallies the other inmates against the corrupt and ruthless prison warden to stand up for what is right.
Sometimes the real leader is not he with the highest rank! Real leadership is shown by actions, morals, and an attitude of serving, not by corner offices, special parking bays and job titles.


We Were Soldiers

Honour and patriotism abound in this riveting account of the modern-day cavalry.
Having swapped their horses for helicopters, the entire platoon are dropped behind enemy lines in nthe Vietnamese war.
Their task is to hold their position at all costs - and the cost is extremely high!
Based on a true story, this war movie is memorable for the inspiring pep talks given by the officer in command (Mel Gibson), as well as the behind the scenes drama of how the wives back home dealt with the news of their soldier's deaths.
Bravery, cameraderie, and teamwork are depicted on both sides of the story.



Based on a true story, this endearing Disney film takes a close look at the U.S. ice hockey team entering the Olympics and overcoming all odds. The story focusses on not quitting, having hope and working together as a team. Having the faith to commit to the dream is often half the battle and this movie leaves you thinking that you can be more than you are if you put your mind to it.