Michael Schumacher
Driven to Extremes

With a philosophy of "Maximise everything", no wonder this man became the winner that he is!
A well written and exciting story of the methods used by one of the greatest Formula One racing drivers of our time.
This book was a riveting read and was a real eye opener into understanding why this modern day hero is considered arrogant.

It details his mistakes as well as his successes.


Colin Powell - A Soldiers Way

A remarkable story about a remarkable man who climbed his way through the military ranks to the highest echelons of Political power. The story of the U.S. secretary of State meanders through basic training in the military to active duty in the Vietnam war, and eventually to the corridors of power in Washington D.C.
Down to earth and easy to read, this book is able to give us an insight into personal family life as well as great examples of leadership and discipline in various military and every day environments. This man is a hero who was not allowed to decline his promotions up the career ladder. A rare book and an excellent read.




His flamboyance as the chairman who saved Chrysler corporation from bankrupcy made him one of the business world's leading celebrities...
His knack for plain talk enhances this outstanding personal history and series of Management tips.


The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership

John Maxwell is probably the world's foremost writer and disciple of the topic of Leadership.
These 21 laws are so critical to a leaders succes that we found it necessary to memorise them.


The 17 Indispensible Laws of Teamwork

Once again, John Maxwell puts a perspective on Teamwork that makes one feel that the concept has alluded us until now.
If you are looking to put or keep a team together, this information will be priceless to you.