Airsoft MilSim Adventure Activities | Combat Teambuilding Objectives
Exciting military simulations (MilSim), tactical training and action packed war games

Airsoft Military Simulations - MilSim

These military simulations are suitable for small or large groups.

The combat teambuilding objectives provide an excellent platform for team building and leadership but also fun games with lots of team player interaction, with the adrenaline of a fast paced game. Teams can enjoy learning about soft skills that can be debriefed and carried back to the workplace in order to improve participants in their everyday work environments

All combat teambuilding objectives of the MilSim are marshalled and have strict safety guidelines.

airsoft military simulations

Topics that can be emphasized include:

  • The importance of planning and strategizing
  • Knowing when to stick to a plan and when to change tactics
  • Developing a plan B to assist with crisis management
  • Leadership
  • Learning clear communication that can be used in a life-or death-situation effectively
  • Learning from mistakes
  • Creative thinking
  • Teamwork

Adventure Team building events

Participants of Airsoft combat adventures may be tasked to:

  • Camp down in a sniper position and pick off potential targets from a high point.
  • Take up strategic positions to defend a facility or position against potential attackers from opposing teams.
  • Infiltrate and attack a facility or position as an assault team.
  • Flanking strategies for assisting other assault teams.
  • Hold the higher ground against hostiles with a mounted machine gun.
  • Use stealth tactics to avoid contact with other hostile units in order to reach other more important objectives.
  • Clear buildings with enemy forces in a tactical and organised fashion.
  • Rescue hostages in such a way as to eliminate enemies but not harm the targets
  • Unlimited other scenarios based on your imagination.

Airsoft Missions

Combat adventures


Paintball and Pulse Ranger

‘Art of War’ Paintball

The adrenalin will rush with adventure, imagination, strategy and leadership with a lot of “skop skiet and donder”.

Pulse Ranger

No loud shots - No sore bodies.

These teambuilding adventures are played in the same fashion as the paintball games.


adventure activities

Combat Team Building

The adrenalin will rush with adventure, imagination, strategy and leadership with a lot of “skop skiet and donder”. Combat team building is an excellent platform leadership but is also fun games with a lot of player interaction, with the adrenaline of a fast paced game...

Airsoft Mission Briefs

Combat adventures


Helicopter adventures, Adventure Teambuilding Events

Beyond teambuilding! This really is an event for the team that's done it all!

Could you ever imagine being handed the controls of a helicopter in full flight!

The Chopper Adventure, is one of our activities which utilises the experiential environment of helicopter for transport of delegates to various locations in order to solve a crisis situation.

The participant’s comfort zones are exposed when they are taken outside and the real helicopters fly in and land at the conference venue. For some people this is the first time they realise that they are going to actually be flying themselves...

Helicopter adventures


High Rope corporate teambuilding adventures

Let your team adventure out of their comfort zone and into another world beyond team building with our high rope adventures.

A ropes course is a challenging high ropes activity designed specifically for personal development. These high ropes adventure teambuilding events can also become significant reference points for delegates to change their attitude on approaching a daunting task because they have learned that they are able to overcome.

Our High rope Adventure Challenge Course is built on and amongst the islands of the Pienaars River and provides a challenge for the team as a whole, as well as the individual...

High Rope Adventure Challenge


Standard Bank

"Thanks again for sharing your inspiration and energy.
I found the style of your presentation i.e. active participation and discussion very beneficial.
It is definitely bringing out the unknown talent out of people."

Willem - Standard Bank


"Keep an eye on this group - we just caught momentum!"

Nell-Marie - Specsavers

University of Cape Town

"Since my awesome experience, my mind-set has done an extreme flip. No more fear of what man might think about me, or that I might fail. I want to thank you for inspiring me to free my mind."

Janet Sirmongpong - UCT Faculty of Health Sciences


"Thanks for the insight and the encouragement you gave us to succeed in all we will do when we set our minds to it."

Madeleine Vermeulen - Sasol

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