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Fashion cooking activity and entertainment activity beyond teambuilding!


Cooks and Bakers, a fashion cooking team building activity used to provide an entertaining evening with subtle undertones of teamwork and communication, beyond teambuilding, whilst having a lot of fun.

We have created an adventure teambuild in the kitchen!

Even those poor people that feel they are slaves to the family kitchen every evening have found this social event to be extremely exciting and different.

Culinary activities and Adventure Cooking with Specialized Japanese Sushi knives, blowtorches, creating unique and difficult plate designs open up a whole new world for the "family feeder".

fashion cooking team activity, culinary team activities

A huge emphasis is put on creativity and visual presentation in this social event. Today high quality and unique cooking is of great interest to many people, with entire television channels dedicated to the topic. Delegates could end up filleting a whole "Loch Ness Monster" freshly flown in from Scotland, or even creating their own Moroccan rub for their Ostrich Fillets.

Our cooking team building activity is an opportunity for even the most uninformed chef to experience the thrills, skills, techniques, creativity and pressures of modern cuisine. We have to make sure that any vegetables or side dishes are ready at the same time as the meat.

It is a wonderful social event for building excitement and camaraderie at your team building seminars or conferences. Cooking and eating together promotes creativity and camaraderie, while covering all aspects of team building as well as making use of every moment that your people are together to improve relationships at these culinary activities beyond teambuilding.

The team building experience in this social event is unique and interesting with the objective of preparing the best possible meal for your competitive team.

Few people have experienced the operations of a 5-star kitchen preparing meals for 20, 30 or up to 80 people. Delegates are split into 2 teams and each team prepares and serves the opposing team in this cooking team building activity.

culinary team activities

Once the teams have been split into 2 (or even 3 for larger groups), these are further subdivided into 3 departments respectively - each responsible for Starters, Main Course or Dessert. The high level of communication then needs to kick in so that it is clear that the teams preparing the different courses aren't working against each other.

Does each sub-team know what the other is doing?

We can't have the main course ready before the starters are served, so timing is of the essence in this social event. Also, we have to ensure that any vegetables or side dishes are ready at the same time as the meat.

  • What about special dietary requirements?
  • Are we adapting some servings to cater for a vegetarian, just as any good kitchen would?
  • Who is prepping the vegetables?
  • Maybe the MD is tasked to peel potatoes for 30 people!
  • Who is preparing the meats?
  • Who is coordinating the serving?
  • What creative designs will be used on the plates?
  • Who is doing final decoration on the plates, and then sending them out?

culinary team activities

Rest assured no dishes will need to be washed though. The greatest thing about this fashion cooking team building activity and social event is the fact that we can use what is traditionally dead time over a meal to continue the team building training. So planning, strategising, communicating, implementing new skills introducing some creativity beyond teambuilding, and the odd glass of wine in between are the "order" of the day.

Whilst there is lots of activity in the food preparation area, each team has to find time to set their tables and decorate them with a limited number of provided materials, but with an unlimited number of their own creative ideas. These hilarious interludes range from the gracious and complimentary to the mercilessly harsh, but all in the fun of the social event and culinary activities.

As the deadline for serving is fast approaching, and all the delegates are called to take their seats, the starter sub-teams will be frantically putting final touches on their course as the plates are brought out and laid in front of the other budding food critics.

culinary team activities

During each course, various tables are asked to give a critique on the meals served to them. In our culinary activities, these hilarious interludes range from the gracious and complimentary to the mercilessly harsh, but all in the fun of these culinary activities and social event.

The Prize Giving

To round off the evening of this social event and cooking team building activity, to celebrate the successes or flops of the various teams and delegates, an entertaining prize giving is held. The facilitation, the critiques and the prize giving in these culinary activities is facilitated by the MC and is a key element that provides the flow of entertainment throughout the evening.

Hilarious "trophies or gifts are awarded to various delegates and teams that stood out. There are those that show some prowess in the culinary arts and others that are best kept away from the kitchen as they are clueless and only able to "cook" up trouble. If you were caught "borrowing" other team's ingredients it is handled ruthlessly at prize giving. Although you may have the desert and coffee to pacify you, your ego could be left a little bruised after a fun ribbing at these culinary activities.

One of the countries top personality chefs is responsible for the technical and coordination elements of this social event and cooking team building activity. He has opened many 5 star hotels in South Africa, as well as being involved in coaching the South African National Culinary team. He is more than able to provide his aid and advice to those chefs that are not quite "cutting the mustard".


corporate challenge

AmaZinga-Zinga Challenge Race

The AmaZinga-Zinga challenge race is sure to create an unforgettable, shared experience beyond teambuilding, that is high in impact, fun and adventure and to promote creativity while covering all aspects of teambuilding. There are so many diverse aspects of these events that at some point everyone will find themselves in their area of skill.

Each AmaZinga-Zinga challenge is unique and custom built for each client.

The AmaZinga-Zinga Challenge Race

AmaZinga-Zinga Challenges


Murder Mystery Dinner Parties

Murder Mystery Dinner

The classic murder mystery dinner party includes events based on specific outcomes and fun interactive teambuilding.

The benefit of this social event is that delegates are free to decide the level of their involvement and don't feel forced into a role playing environment that they're not comfortable with.

Murder Mystery Dinner


Industrial Theatre Productions, Corporate Theatre

Industrial Theatre Productions

Our fun industrial theatre productions strive to be as interactive as possible and we like to involve audience members in some way in order to increase the impact on a group by making it as relevant as possible.

When an audience sees "one of their own" up on the stage and participating in a non-threatening and entertaining way, they buy into your social event so much more...

Industrial Theatre Productions


mercedes benz

"Just a note of thanks for your excellent facilitation skills beyond teambuilding.
It definitely added value to my personal and corporate life."

Reamor Moses - Mercedes-Benz

Standard Bank

"I was reminded of a few things I know but need to actively implement, but learnt many new concepts of great value. I thoroughly enjoyed myself and would like to complement you on the positive effect you've had on so many people."

Leanne - Standard Bank


"The team building was certainly the highlight of the conference.
My entire team is awe-inspired. Thanks for the professionalism and more importantly uplifting my team."

Anulka - SASOL

Waltons Stationery

"I have one word for your.... maybe two - ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT!
Even I feel new courage to get to where we need to go!
I can't thank you enough and this will definitely re-inspire our team!
Thanks a lot!"

Belinda Ramiah - Waltons Stationery

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