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Company soft skills performance and team attitude improvement!


Movers and Shakers can present team attitude improvement activities such as the powerful and transformational Firewalk into your corporate upliftment strategy for your conference program. Our activities are excitingly diverse which allows you to include many aspects into your overall strategy.

We are able to assist you with the technical aspects of your conference, a activity or a meeting. From sitting down and working on the company's vision and mission statement to carefully planning your strategy for the next year. On occasion a team's problems stem from leaders who don't know how to lead.

We can come along side your leaders with a totally fresh perspective that can implement ways that will improve the performance of your whole offices' business communication skills.

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Your strategy includes any activities engaged in the primary purpose of making a profit. The strategy is intended to get down and dirty around a table with the view to picking apart specific issues relevant to your business.

Another trend and in business circles is the understanding that the upliftment of the team needs to have a corporate upliftment strategy.

  • Firstly, what are the issues within your team?
  • What are the objectives of the activities?
  • Which issues need to be addressed first?
  • How do we prioritize the team building initiatives?
  • What phases can be planned to uplift your team on an ongoing basis so as to reinforce messages and required improvements ?
  • How can these principles and objectives be built on in the future?

Combine all these skills with the thrill and sense of accomplishment of motivational activities such as a Firewalk, and you will have yourself a team building weekend, helicopter adventure or Leadership retreat that will be hard to beat.


Soft Skills Workshop

Soft Skills Workshop

Soft skills are increasingly sought out by employers in addition to standard qualifications!

With our Movers and Shakers soft skills training, we come alongside your team and bring these skills to light in such a way as to give people a new and fresh look at the real issues that impact performance, relationships and teamwork to work smart and achieve more.

These self management skills and business communication skills are not restricted to the office or the workgroup, the activities benefit people in their everyday lives at home, in sports clubs and even in hobby groups...

Soft Skills Workshop


Leadership Coaching

Leadership Coaching

Everything rises and falls on leadership!

Movers & Shakers is focussed in working with the corporate sector, building businesses, departments & teams within organisations in all leadership development training and activities.

If the principles of Leadership are not followed within a company, government, club or other organization - it will fall!

Leadership Coaching


Sales Training

Sales Training

Improve bottom line results by building up successful sales teams that form the core of the organisation's practical selling skills.

Movers & Shakers' sales training solutions have a formula of steps that need to be followed in order to conclude successful sales consistently. It is obvious that the mindsets and attitudes of successful sales teams cannot be changed overnight. Regular practical selling skills sessions assist successful sales teams to come to grips with dynamics of relationship building skills and business communication skills of super sales professionals...

Sales Training



"The teambuilding was certainly the highlight of the conference. My entire team is awe-inspired. Thanks for the professionalism and more importantly uplifting my team. I have enclosed the names of the delegates, we had a 100% walk rate."

Anulka - SASOL


"I want to thank you for the experience gained, both during the seminar, and afterwards as a result of the thought process that you have initiated. Since attending the course I have discovered my purpose in life."

Joe - ABSA

Standard bank

"Thank you for the 2 very interesting and thought provoking days. It was a especially moving and motivating business activity. The combination of "it's not a matter of can or can't" but "will or won't" has made me make some firm decisions in both my personal and professional life."

Duncan - Standard Bank


"Just wanted to thank you for a fantastic talk in Phuket. I am a receptionist here and I have now become more motivated. Thank You once more for the truly amazing and inspiring talk"

Anusha - Specsavers

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