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Improve morale, camaraderie, performance & inspire your team on to greater heights!

Corporate entertainment events must be fun, be experiential and create a culture & memory within the group. Our team entertainment activities are fun, yet with challenging facilitation, suitable for colleagues, clients, industry networks who find up-market and fashionable events, entertaining and easy-going. Movers & Shakers are focused on the initial needs of the company or department when planning your group's corporate entertainment events.

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Family Entertainment

Entertaining family activities guaranteed to appeal to everyone!

Get the whole extended team together, with spouses and children, shoulder-to-shoulder, having a good laugh and being human together. The family fun day is a great opportunity for the team to introduce their loved ones, celebrate their cultures and enjoy a rewarding and entertaining day of fun.

Set up a separate corner where the kids can be kept entertained with entertaining activities suitable for them, whilst allowing the adults to do what they do best. With experienced child caregivers and a environment conducive to kids of all ages, it will be a pleasant distraction for them on the family fun day...

Family Fun Day


poker face

Playing your hand in business!

Give the team an advantageous insight into business interaction by delivering the unexpected and creating new realities through enhanced awareness of the "market environment" and the strategic art of Poker. Business has become more marketable to the masses in these technological times and it is still about how to create great relationships and knowing the players you are dealing with. Before attempting business interaction within any relationship, it's in your interest to understand what that other person might be thinking, and more importantly, how this thinking can affect the relationship...

A world class strategic thinking program utilising poker as the vehicle.
Entertainment team building based on Poker Game Theory!

Poker Face


Industrial Theatre Productions, Corporate Theatre

Corporate Theatre Productions

Movers & Shakers are now able to assist you in getting across your corporate communications through the media of industrial theatre, entertaining corporate theatre and role playing.

Every corporate theatre event we create is entirely unique as it is created to suit a clients specific needs and requirements as well as the parameters pertaining to their environment, industry, target market and ultimately their audience....

Industrial Theatre Productions


corporate challenge

All aspects of these challenges are flexible and designed for each individual conference!

The AmaZinga-Zinga adventure activity can start right at your office door or a common start point at which different branches can meet. AmaZinga-Zinga adventure activities offer so much adaptability, allowing one to customise the experience to communicate any desired message with the knowledge that the delegates are having fun. These activities are an effective way for a conference or event destination to be kept a surprise until the last minute...

The AmaZinga-Zinga Challenge Race

AmaZinga-Zinga Challenges


wildlife presentations, entertaining animal presentations

Movers & Shakers wildlife presentations are fun, experiential & have legs!

Movers & Shakers wildlife presentations try to bring a perspective that you had never thought of before. Wildlife experiences that become memorable because of the visual element that occurred. Our wildlife presentations involving wild animals are a feast for the senses and aim to bring essential life skills concepts to life...

Wildlife Presentations

More activities & eventsLessons from the Wild!

Flight of the Eagle


Mercedes Benz

"Just a note of thanks for your excellent facilitation skills during our team building. It definitely added value to my personal and corporate life."

Reamor Moses - Mercedes-Benz South Africa


"Thanks for the insight and the encouragement you gave us to succeed in all we will do when we set our minds to it."

Madeleine Vermeulen - Sasol

PG Bison

"As you know, the people really enjoyed Friday night's entertainment - please pass on our thanks to Movers & Shakers for an excellent job!"

Liz - PG Bison

Netcare 911

"Many thanks for the great team build. It was truly enjoyed by all. Please let me have your company profile with all the events that you cater for."

Dr Ryan Noach - Netcare 911

More games MORE ACTIVITIESMore motivational events


team adventures

These corporate adventures will not easily be forgotten & will stay in the minds of your team for a long time to come...


team adventures, corporate adventures

We provide your organisation with such unbelievable activities that you are forced to come back next year!


team adventures, corporate adventures

Business events designed to provide a structured and organised approach to having some fun & playing hard!

MOVERS and SHAKERS offer a complimentary service of a full venue selection, booking and liaison function for your events anywhere in South Africa. Whether you prefer, Johannesburg, Pretoria, Cape Town, Bloemfontein or Nelspruit major centers or more remote areas like the Drakensburg, Wild Coast, Bela Bela, South Coast or midlands areas, we have the right options for you.

This is a complimentary service as the success of your company events is as important to us as it is to you!


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