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The escape room teambuild is a popular social event beyond teambuilding!


Escape room is a physical adventure activity and teambuilding challenge.

Players are "locked" in a room and have to use elements of the room to solve a series of puzzles and escape within a set time limit.

This teambuilding challenge is set in a variety of fictional locations, such as prison cells, dungeons and space stations, and are popular corporate team building events.

We have a number of escape rooms that are set up in the Johannesburg area and for larger groups. We also have the ability to go portable with our escape rooms and set up escape rooms at your conference venue of choice.

team building

Each escape room teambuild is designed to take about an hour to escape from and different sized groups of between 3 and 10 can accommodate a room at any time. We have the ability to record and interact with delegates via CCTV and microphones within the room in this adventure activity. This allows us to not only facilitate the adventure activity for their enjoyment but also to extensively analyse how teams are performing together in the escape room teambuild.

The Mad Professors Laboratory

The mad professor has invited you and other guests to his mansion but when you get there you find yourself trapped in his study and the professor has left. You will need to crack a number of different puzzles and problems in the escape room teambuild by piecing together random information found hidden in the professors' desk, bookshelves, chests and personal belongings.

As a team of ground breaking scientists you have been tasked to enter the coma patients brain to retrieve an essential code critical for national security. You find yourself poking around in the young girl's memory and unravelling the mystery of her slow decline into insanity.

It becomes apparent in this corporate adventure activity that a murder has been committed and you will need to solve who did what for why before you can trace the key that will let you out of the room.

escape rooms

The Coma Patient's brain

As a team of ground breaking scientists you have been tasked to enter the coma patients brain to retrieve an essential code critical for national security in this adventure activity.

You find yourself poking around in the young girl's memory and unravelling the mystery of her slow decline into insanity. You uncover memories of a recent holiday that she undertook and the relationships that she experienced. Various "rooms" of her brain are gradually opened up and everything starts to become clearer.

The escape room teambuild is the ideal way to have great fun with your team whilst also being able to really analyse how the team members are interacting with each other in the teambuilding challenge.
As with every escape room teambuild, our video debriefs can highlight a lot of issues and assets that are dominant with your team back at the office.

Escape Rooms are the latest craze that is taking the world by storm!


competitive corporate activity

The Ripple Effect

Teams are set the task of Designing & Building a Ripple Effect Machine with limited materials and time.

There is no limit to the amount of creativity and "out of the box" thinking that can go into this attention-grabbing corporate activity and corporate adventure games for the whole team. This machine is made up of a number of different materials and equipment with each element causing a domino effect or chain reaction onto the next element...

The Ripple Effect


Survivor Challenges

Tribal Survivor

This survivor challenge is about adventure and imagination beyond teambuilding.

The task of this teambuilding challenge is to overcome the various challenges that are part of the mission to find the elusive "Path To Enlightenment".

Tribal Survivor Corporate Adventure

Tribal Survivor Challenges


transformational fire walking

Fire Walking

Movers & Shakers present the most powerful and transformational fire walking challenge in addition to your corporate adventure games. Explode your comfort zone to take on what you believed was impossible since before you could even talk.

Individuals experience a huge mind-shift when they realise that they can make fear their servant rather than their master...

Fire walking activities


wildlife presentations

Wildlife Presentations

Movers & Shakers wildlife presentations are fun, experiential & have legs!

Movers & Shakers wildlife presentations involving wild animals are a feast for the senses and aim to bring essential life skills concepts to life...

Wildlife Presentations

Lessons from the Wild!

Flight of the Eagle



"A special thanks for a great teambuild last Friday. Thanks for making our teambuild a success and for the great support during the arrangement.
Wishing you the best of luck on all your upcoming activities."

Patience & Mandy - MTN


"For me personally this was a great achievement - I'm not someone who can stand up in a room full of strangers and share my feelings and emotions with, but I did it and I'm feeling great. Thanks for helping me achieve something that I thought was impossible, or even crazy."

Josie Loubser - Bayer


"Thank you for giving me the opportunity to learn that if I could have done the fire walk I can and will do anything that gets thrown my way. You have made a huge impact on my life."

Juanita Oosthuizen - Kolok

World Bank

"I wanted to personally thank you and your team for that great experience that we had over the couple of days that you were with us. Everyone just could not stop talking about this retreat, and some even branded it as the best that we have ever had - Congratulations."

Frank Ferreira - World Bank

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