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Popular team building exercises beyond teambuilding!

"Discover the Fire Within"

This success fire walking activity will ignite passion like nothing you have ever seen. Our powerful firewalking events are a way to develop confidence to face the impossible!

MOVERS & SHAKERS present the most transformational fire walking activity beyond teambuilding.

Individuals experience a huge mind-shift when they realize that they can make fear their servant rather than their master. People start to examine what other delimiting baggage they may be carrying which could be holding them back from achieving their full potential and goals in life. We have found that the firewalk is a catalyst which invokes people to make BIG DECISIONS about their future.

walking on fire

We feel free when we escape!
Escape the bonds your fears place around you. Reevaluate your belief in yourself. If you can walk barefoot over 1200° red hot coals, what else can you achieve? Explode your comfort zone to take on what you believed was impossible since before you could even talk.

  • Are your limits really your limits?
  • Who placed the boundaries of your comfort zone where they are?
  • You or somebody else?
  • Your circumstances, your dreams or maybe your past?

Our events use fire as the symbol of anything in your belief reference files that could be holding you back. Take control of your mind, learn how to focus and address fears on 3 different levels. The 2 to 3 hour preparation of all our powerful firewalking events, takes the delegate on a roller coaster of experiences.

teambuilding exercises

From dancing like nobody's watching to building a crescendo with your team, from logically learning the "how" to calmly visualising the goal - the team would have never experienced anything like our firewalk.

Its a rollercoaster ride - Discover the Fire Within!

One cannot take part in a firewalk and not improve their attitude, have a higher expectation of what is possible in their life and even begin to take steps toward achieving more by living life to the fullest. Our fire walking activity is one of the most transformational events that anyone can experience and is even more fascinating as it has a double-barreled effect. Not only do our events make a huge and lasting impression on the individual, but it has an awesome bonding result for a team.


High Rope adventures

Let your team adventure out of their comfort zone and into another world with our high rope adventures.

A ropes course is a challenging high ropes activity designed specifically for personal development. These popular team building exercises can also become significant reference points for delegates to change their attitude on approaching a daunting task because they have learned that they are able to overcome.

Our High rope Adventure Challenge Course is built on and amongst the islands of the Pienaars River and provides a challenge for the team as a whole, as well as the individual...

High Rope Adventure Challenge


poker face

Poker Face

Playing your hand in business!

A world class strategic thinking program utilising poker as the vehicle.
Entertainment event based on Poker Game Theory!

This corporate team activity is suitable for colleagues, clients, industry networks who will find this up-market and fashionable team event easy-going through fun, yet challenging facilitation. This social event and team activity definitely improves the morale, camaraderie and performance of any team...

Poker Face


Corporate Theatre

Industrial Theatre Productions

Corporate theatre is one of the best ways for an organisation to bring about an emotional response from an audience in order to be able to significantly influence their Attitudes or Perceptions.

The emphasis of these team building exercises is on having fun, and having a healthy laugh whilst new leadership insights are served up in a safe and non-threatening manner...

Industrial Theatre Productions


wildlife presentations

Wildlife Presentations

Movers & Shakers wildlife presentations are fun, experiential & have legs!

Movers & Shakers wildlife presentations involving wild animals are a feast for the senses and aim to bring essential life skills concepts to life...

Wildlife Presentations

More activities & eventsLessons from the Wild!

Flight of the Eagle



"For me personally this was a great achievement - I'm not someone who can stand up in a room full of strangers and share my feelings and emotions with, but I did it and I'm feeling great.
Thanks for helping me achieve something that I thought was impossible, or even crazy."

Josie Loubser - Bayer

South African Department of Agriculture

"I have been applying the "keep your eye on the Ball" and the focus demonstrated by the "Bird Lady" to my golf. My handicap has steadily dropped from 18 to 14 and projected 12 since I have been applying this technique."

Attie Swart - South African Department of Agriculture

South African National Blood Service

"We had so much fun, canít wait to do it again with the other group next week. Thanks once again. Superb teambuilding exercise. Everyone is still raving about it!!"

J Mokoena - South African National Blood Service


"I have already said thank you but I will say it again...THANK YOU for showing me that I can move out of my comfort-zone.
This really came at the right time for me."

Tania - MNET

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