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Movers & Shakers are the International one-stop shop in South Africa for interactive motivational activities

Our corporate events make an unbelievable difference to your company or organisation.

We are passionate about raising up people to new heights in performance through our corporate team building activities.

Movers and Shakers have more than 20 years experience in the motivation training arena and the organisational development of corporate events, fun games, interactive motivational activities & adventures.

We have worked closely with many blue chip organisations, usually on a regular basis and we pride ourselves in the long-term relationships we have built over the years.



Ster Kinekor

"The Firewalking was the most amazing thing in the whole world. It has really made me look at things differently and realise that I can do ANYTHING that I set my mind to. So a very big THANK YOU."

Leanne - Ster Kinekor

South African Department of Agriculture

"I have been applying the "keep your eye on the Ball" and the focus demonstrated by the "Bird Lady" to my golf.
My handicap has steadily dropped from 18 to 14 and projected 12 since I have been applying this technique."

Attie Swart - National Department of Agriculture

South African National Blood Service

"We had so much fun, canít wait to do it again with the other group next week.
Thanks once again.
Superb exercise.
Everyone is still raving about it!"

J Mokoena - South African National Blood Service

First National Bank

"To all at movers and shakers. You are the best.
We thoroughly enjoyed everything and we canít thank you enough for putting our team events together on such short notice. I was very impressed with your professionalism."

Elmarie Olivier - First National Bank

Any company's biggest resource is their people. They should be invested in, continuously grown and empowered.

Take your team to the next level with appropriate outdoor and indoor corporate activities and interactive company events.

Our team events provide meaningful, personal growth through fun and challenging learning exercises for company motivation.

Any ideas in corporate events have to be effective, different and stimulating.

The key function of any leader is to raise up other leaders!


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corporate activities

Let's face it, the term "team building" has gotten a bad reputation over the last few years. It has become synonymous with virtually any corporate activities and team events that take people out of the office on a more social basis together. We have heard people referring to Friday night ten pin bowling as a teambuild. Numerous vendors are touting their jumping castles and handful of quadbikes.

Many of these sorts of company events serve merely to allow people to let off some steam (for which there is sometimes a need), but there is usually no lasting benefit and no real effort has been taken by any facilitators to focus anyone's mind on the "team" and how they are operating, building, performing or interacting at the workplace.

No real effort has been made building up the team and make them better than they were before. No retrospection or analysis has been attempted to identify what are some of the flaws being displayed by colleagues at the office nor their potential solutions.

experiential learning

At MOVERS and SHAKERS we have identified that these results are not mutually exclusive and building whilst having fun at the same time in our outdoor and indoor corporate activities and company events.

Our experiential learning approach in all of our corporate activities focuses on placing delegates in various simulated situations and allowing them to realise how they naturally react to very similar circumstances that they may be experiencing day to day back at the office. Further we anchor these learning points by facilitating structured discussions around what the delegates experienced during the activities. This allows people to explore possible and realistic solutions to their frustrations and limitations in the work place.

Experiential Learning allows delegates to create memory anchor points from intensely fun situations in our events that will allow them easily to recall a more thoughtful approach to how they act at the office.

This is what creates lasting and real change. People can have fun and learn how to be better at the same time!

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motivation events

MOVERS and SHAKERS thrive on coming alongside individuals, exploring ways that attitudes and motivation can be raised up in all team events.

We believe it is important to understand how to motivate yourself whilst at the same time encouraging those around you to be forward moving with the right attitudes.

Motivation is about understanding that different things motivate each person. For some it is material renumeration, for others experience, for some recognition, for others a sense of belonging, and many other things that are as diverse as all our dreams...

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Venues in Johannesburg, Durban, Cape Town, Pretoria and throughout South Africa

As a complimentary service to our clients we offer a venue liaison facility which allows us to book and make all arrangements at the outdoor or indoor venue of your choice on your behalf. The advantages are that the client is able to relax and enjoy their team events without having to worry about the administrative aspects of the conferencing venue and accommodation arrangements.

Venues in Johannesburg, Durban, Cape Town, Pretoria and throughout South Africa

Included in this service we will:

  • Assist in selecting the most suitable outdoor and indoor venue for your event and budget
  • Liaise with the venue as to all tea break and meal times and venues
  • Advise venues of special dietary requirements for delegates i.e. Halaal, vegetarian, kosher, etc..
  • Check bar bills for accuracy within reason
  • Negotiate preferential rates wherever possible
  • Set bar limits and alcohol allowances
  • Check and set up conference rooms and equipment for suitability
  • Advise as to cost saving and value options.

We are also able to arrange Bus Transportation to and from venues at extremely preferential rates.

We coordinate and facilitate outdoor & indoor corporate activities and team events in Johannesburg, Durban, Pretoria, Cape Town and throughout the rest of South Africa.


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