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Fun company adventure activity and entertainment activity beyond team building!


All aspects of these social events and team building challenges are flexible as the entire program is specifically designed for each individual conference beyond team building.

AmaZinga-Zinga adventure activities offer so much adaptability, allowing one to customise the experience to communicate any desired message with the knowledge that the delegates are having fun.

To entrench these team building challenges as a fully integrated aspect of a conference, we can incorporate relevant themes by way of clues or tasks and branding where possible. AmaZinga-Zinga adventures are an effective way for a conference or event destination to be kept a surprise until the last minute.

adventure challenges

Routes for the AmaZinga-Zinga challenge race depend on where a conference or social events are to take place, and from where the various delegates would be leaving from.

AmaZinga-Zinga destinations along the way would range from obscure farm stalls, to places of historical interest. This will be determined in the recce period and would be influenced by area, objectives and budget.

We take pride in including a variety of aspects reflecting South African cultures in our challenge and more importantly AmaZinga-Zinga adventure activities include every individual in the team as much as possible. There are so many diverse aspects of these social events that at some point everyone will find themselves in their area of skill in this challenge race.

adventure challenge

Having reached the final destination or venue, the teams’ times will be recorded and a facilitator will welcome delegates to the venue. The duration of AmaZinga-Zinga adventure activities will depend on client brief. Teams arrive at the venue and are welcomed with refreshments. In all of these adventure activities and corporate entertainment activities, points are given, scores are tallied, and delegates are gathered together for the announcement of team times.

Not necessarily the fastest team gets the most points, but the smartest could be proclaimed the winning team in the AmaZinga-Zinga challenge race.

The amaZinga-Zinga Challenge Race

  • Clues leading to a venue where a connected Sangoma awaits them. Impressing him with your war dance and warrior leads to him throwing the bones and allowing the ancestors to outline the next destination.
  • Hobo Road Block: At some point in these adventure activities, busses may be stopped by an insistent hobo begging for some generosity so that she can pay it back in assistance.
  • Teams will arrive at a venue where each member participates in any exercise of skill or daring. Once all team members have successfully completed this task, they will receive directions to the next destination.
  • adventure challenge

  • Song titles from music snippets on a cassette tape will fill in the blanks to complete a clue to the next destination. Teambuilding can therefore take place whilst en route in the bus, thus saving time but keeping all delegates entertained and involved throughout these social events.
  • Each team is asked to use a camera. Teams chronicle their quest by taking pictures. Best pictures will be selected and e-mailed to delegates as a momento of the AmaZinga-Zinga adventure activities, or photos can be compiled as an album by teams to be presented on the final day, chronicling their experiences.
  • Interactive characters give the social events a weird and wonderful aspect. Clues may lead to the lonesome pilot - tell him a joke to get the clue.

AmaZinga-Zinga Adventure Race


entertaining teambuilding programs

Cooks and Bakers

Cooks and Bakers are fashion cooking social events used to provide entertaining teambuilding with subtle undertones of teamwork and communication whilst having a lot of fun.

Cooks and Bakers is an opportunity for even the most uninformed chef to experience the thrills, skills, techniques, creativity and pressures of modern cuisine...

Cooks & Bakers Cooking Teambuilding Activity


Murder Mystery Dinner Parties

Murder Mystery Dinner

The mystery, suspense and accusations fly as the plot unfolds around you in these murder mystery social events. All the action unfolds around the delegates as a troupe of live actors (and some dead ones!) proceed to try to avoid being fingered for a gruesome murder.

The benefit of these social events is that delegates are free to decide the level of their involvement and don’t feel forced into a role playing environment that they’re not comfortable with...

Murder Mystery Dinner entertaining teambuilding programs


Industrial Theatre Productions, Corporate Theatre

Industrial Theatre Productions

Industrial Theatre is where Education and Theatre are blended to assist you in getting across your corporate communications through the media corporate theatre and role playing. The emphasis of these social events is on having fun, and having a healthy laugh whilst new leadership insights are served up in a safe and non-threatening manner beyond team building...

Industrial Theatre Productions


Department of Agriculture

"It was a pleasure being in your midst and am very honoured to have been one of the many people you have facilitated.
I am putting the things I have learnt from the workshop into practice and believe me they are working miraculously."

Noelle - National Department of Agriculture

Standard Bank

"I would like to thank you again for encouraging and helping me through the hurdles.
Without your support I don't think I would have accomplished what I did.
I am amazed and still can't believe that I actually climbed that pole and walked across."

Bridget - Standard Bank


"We had a really great time.
And thanks for being so accommodating!
Please pass along our appreciation to your team of actors – they were superb!"

Sam - Metroweb

TNT Express

"A BIG thank you to you once again for a VERY successful Sales Conference.
You certainly exceeded my expectations and I would like to thank you for a life changing experience.
We are all looking forward to seeing the photo's and re-living the whole experience."

Monique Le Roux - TNT Express

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