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What are Team building Games?

Usually we do not like to refer to these teambuilding activities as games but as "interventions".

We feel these specially designed teambuilding activities should be shown somewhat more respect than a mere game.

At completion of what seems like just a simple game, the delegates are then steered through a number of thought provoking aspects of the game they have just experienced.

Movers & Shakers custom design world class activities for your team. Invariably, the group would be split into groups relevant to the scenario they are about to be plunged into.


The World Bank Group

"Everyone in the office agrees that you really Shaked and Moved all of us and consider this was the best retreat we had in a long time. I hope you and your team enjoyed Brasilia and I'm certain I'll hear that more and more World Bank teams will be calling on you for their retreats. You really do a fantastic job!"

Cidalia Brocca - World Bank

Dept of trade & industry - SABS

"Thank you very much for your intervention that you carried out in a professional manner. My team enjoyed the teambuilding immensely and we all learnt a lot as a team. I will gladly recommend you guys to anyone because of your professionalism and making the customer feels special and valued."

Disebo - SABS

South African National Department of Agriculture

"It was a pleasure being in your midst. and am very honoured to have been one of the many people you have facilitated.
I am putting most of the things i have learnt from the workshop into practice and believe me they are working miraculously."

Noelle - South African National Department of Agriculture

University of Cape Town

"Since my awesome experience, my mind-set has done an extreme flip. No more fear of what man might think about me, or that I might fail. I want to thank you for inspiring me to free my mind."

Janet Sirmongpong - UCT Faculty of Health Sciences

The facilitator will play out the scenario or brief, introduce the teams to any equipment involved and then allow the team to have some fun getting involved.

All of our facilitators have been through extensive hands-on training and they are well aware that the goal is not to lecture the delegates with seminars of what they should have done, but rather to lead them to their own learning curves by asking, listening and fuelling any conversation which may arise.

In our fun teambuilding games, we are always eager to point out what the teams may have done right, as well as what the delegates believed they did well.

During all of our teambuilding activities, we are rarely lured into announcing a "WINNER". We feel that this automatically implies that there were "LOSERS" which is not always conducive to an uplifting environment. These are the sorts of fun teambuilding games that teamwork can be experienced in a more realistic way.



At the end of the day, it's not about who wins or loses, but what you learn along the way.

Wherever you choose to take the team to Tshwane, Egoli, Durban, Cape Town, Bloemfontein, Limpopo, North West or Mpumalanga we have the perfect lodge or conference center for your fun teambuilding games and simple game events.

Allow MOVERS and SHAKERS to handle all the venue booking, liaison, aspects on your behalf as a complimentary service. Relax and enjoy your company conference, retreat, event or Teambuild as a participant and not as an organizer.

Team building games | Game Events


adventure challenges

Our teambuilding games are fun and your team learns how to be better at the same time!

The term "teambuilding" has gotten a bad reputation over the last few years and has become synonymous with virtually any activity that takes people out of the office on a more social basis together. No real effort has been made to build up the team and make them better than they were before!

Our experiential learning approach focuses placing delegates in various simulated situations and allowing them to realise how they naturally react to similar circumstances that they are experiencing daily in the office...

Teambuilding Activities Activities & Events


affordable adventure activities

Your team will adventure out of their comfort zone and into another world!

By nature it will be necessary for the team to stretch the boundaries of their comfort zone, but once this has been achieved the comfort zone will never return to its original size. The objectives of these exciting team adventures can be from a fun rewarding experience to really studying how effective teams work.

Your team will feel privileged to have had the opportunity to experience these adventure activities and even more lucky to have shared it with the rest of the people on the team.

Adventure Teambuilding Adventure Activities


business activities

Movers & Shakers are inspired by people who have an impact & influence on others!

All of the agendas of our business activities are results-orientated to take your team to the next level in your corporate environment!

Our business activities have been designed by looking at go-getters in a range of arenas, from military operations to business thinking entrepreneurs & even the machine-like efficacy of the chefs in a top restaurant...

Business Activities


adventure challenges

Make your entertainment activity a huge success and lasting memory for the entire team!

Our entertaining social events improve the morale, camaraderie and performance of any team. These entertaining social events are ideally suited for an evening of social interaction, can be held at any time and are available throughout the country.

Why not treat your team or clients to a entertaining social event and a wonderfully memorable evening?

Sometimes there is huge value in getting the whole extended team together, with spouses and children, and just getting shoulder-to-shoulder, having a good laugh, and being human together. Our fun day has a myriad of different unique entertaining family activities guaranteed to appeal to everyone.

More on our entertaining social events


Family entertainment event

The Family Fun Day is designed to provide the maximum amount of fun whilst encouraging delegates to mingle and get to know each other.

There is huge value in getting the whole extended team together, with spouses & children, getting shoulder-to-shoulder, having a good laugh & being human together.

We work with you to ensure a successful, seamless, worry-free Fun Day!

There are many options for extremely exciting and hilarious Fun Day, with the main objective of just getting the team together for a social day, an office Christmas party, incentive reward, family get-together or just an afternoon of office activities...

Family Fun Day

corporate family activities, company family events


Exposing our youth to Birds of Prey as well as Beasts of Prey, these have made a huge impact on the next generation.
Our community sponsorship program has allowed us to take these sessions into many struggling communities to the delight of many smiling little faces.

Get your kids school to book us for their educational outing!


wildlife presentations

Movers & Shakers wildlife presentations are fun, experiential & have legs!

We can more easily learn elusive concepts through powerful visual wildlife activities and wildlife events. Movers & Shakers wildlife presentations involving wild animals are a feast for the senses and aim to bring essential life skills concepts to life...

Lessons from the Wild!Lessons from the Wild! Flight of the Eagle

Wildlife Presentations

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