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Team Building Games

The team at Movers & Shakers thrive on coming alongside teams and individuals, exploring ways that attitudes can be raised up in all of our interactive team events.

Active participation by all is encouraged and there are numerous and diverse benefits and outcomes from every game. Our activities provide meaningful personal and team growth through fun and challenging learning exercises. When planning your group's games, we are focused on the initial needs of the company or department.

We want to help take your team to the next level!

What are Team Building Games? Indoor Game Events & Outdoor Game Activities


3 Hit Volleyball

A great twist on a classic team sport that will get anyone involved, no matter how physically inclined they might be. Firstly we examine the shots designed for the game and when and where to use them.

Once we have gotten understanding of the "dig", the "et" and the "spike", we are able to assign roles in such a way that all players on the team are actively involved. This is one of those fun indoor games that is hard to get people to stop, and all the while they are learning and improving on teamwork and how to "Pass the Ball" in real corporate style.

This is a fun & great experiential learning activity that is perfect for closing off a day.


Working without a team sucks

This is one of the most effective game events to highlight coordination and teamwork!

These interactive team events clearly display the methods which can be used to assess, plan and execute the way to an optimal solution. It involves firstly identifying a problem and then breaking down what happens in order to work out the best possible solution. It has simple and essential steps that can be used in problem solving.

This event can also be comprehensively used to examine the transfer of leadership within an organisation especially within a project flow departmental organisation. It is essential that leadership is correctly transferred so that there is always someone holding the ball but also so that there are not two or more parties claiming the ball. Utilizing principles of brainstorming, thinking out of the box and problem solving, the teams are able to greatly improve on their initial results in these game events.


Crocodile River Crossing

Isn't it amazing how resources can be dwindled away when you're not concentrating?

How do you get everyone over the raging river without being eaten alive, or washed away by the current? Among our extensive activities this is one of the best game events that we have designed and is intended to highlight the concepts of crisis management, team spirit and selflessness.

The necessity of a flexible plan and knowing when to re-assess it, is an important area of office teambuilding. Furthermore, when mistakes are made and resource dwindle, sometimes the plan we started with can no longer be used based on the current situation. Yet, so often we find leaders possessively insisting on using a plan that they came up with and once used to work well, but now...


Raft building

These games require either full size or toy vessels to be designed, built, tried and tested.

Choose whether you expose your team to the thrill of the splash or test their creative skills and commitment in a race to find the champions. Teams must plan, have a strategy, have the foresight and imagination that will galvanise a team through achievement.

Raft building

Our Full size raft building activities are always a winner as they border effectively on top game events. Each team is provided with plenty of barrels, ropes and planks to construct a sturdy raft. Members are chosen from each team to sail on the rafts. As always in all of our games, our professional facilitators put safety first.

Full size raft building activities

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MOVERS and SHAKERS offer a complimentary service of a full venue selection, booking and liaison function for your fun indoor games and outdoor game activities anywhere in South Africa. Whether you prefer, Johannesburg, Pretoria, Cape Town, Bloemfontein or Nelspruit major centers or more remote areas like the Drakensburg, Wild Coast, Bela Bela, South Coast or midlands areas, we have the right options for you.

This is a complimentary service as the success of your game events is as important to us as it is to you!


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